Scott Norton and Cats Watch Raven Have Sex

Long before he was RavenScott Levy wrestled as “Scotty the Body” in Portland. Groupies were plentiful, and with Scott Norton in the territory at the same time, it was only a matter of time before he ended up on a chair with a bunch of cats, watching the future “Raven” have sex.

Date: 1990
Location: McMinnville, OR
Source: Raven Effect Podcast: Raven’s Rap Fire and Portland Wrestling Cliffhangers (6/5/2017)


The year was 1990, and Scott “Raven” Levy was about two years into his very young career. Just 25 years old, he had worked Memphis, Puerto Rico, Florida, and Vancouver, showing promise with his strong verbal ability and ring psychology. He then had a long sting in Pacific Northwest Wrestling (PNW), the legendary Portland territory that had been around for decades as part of the Don Owen dynasty that launched the career of Roddy Piper.

By 1989, the territories were quickly dying as Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation expanded nationally and crushed them. Some territories held out longer than others, including Jim Crockett Promotions (the NWA), and Portland. Portland had been around longer than almost any other territory, and even in the late 1980s when the WWF was dominating, the TV ratings for PNW remained very strong. Raven today always says how back then, everyone in town watched the show and knew who he was. Roddy Piper himself was so loyal to promoter Don Owen that when the WWF initially expanded and ran shows nationally, he refused to work Portland and compete with his former mentor.

Enter Scott Levy, the man known as Raven. Raven admittedly suffered from insecurity, but his natural charm with the ladies, ‘roided up pin-up body, and exposure on PNW TV as the “New Jersey Stud” made him a perennial favorite of female fans his entire career. Raven has been outspoken about his long history of drug use and embracing the party scene, although he was hardly the only one to fall into that lifestyle. Unlike most of his peers, however, Raven was college educated and had a sharp mind for the business that kept him relevant and a top star well into the 2000s.

The Incident

One of the monthly towns PNW ran shows in was McMinnville, Oregon. Raven, as Scotty the Body, had a regular woman he’d ‘visit’ every time they ran a show there. He called her a “hot blond,” and she was a single mom. During one of his monthly visits with her, he brought a fellow wrestler whom he didn’t name. The blond woman was willing to be ‘tag teamed’ by both of them, but the other guy wasn’t interested. So instead, he watched Raven have sex with the woman. Raven later remembered that the other guy had a girlfriend, which is why he may not have wanted to participate.

The following week, Raven told the guys in the locker room what happened. Larry Oliver, who was the son of area veteran Rip Oliver, said he couldn’t believe the other guy didn’t participate. Larry was only about 19 years old at the time, without the good looks Raven had. Larry said that if he were there, he would’ve absolutely joined in.

The next month, they were in McMinnville again for their usual stop. And once again, Raven made plans to see the blond woman. This time, however, he brought two other men: Larry Oliver, and a young, green Scott Norton.

Norton was a few years older than Raven, but had slightly less experience. Whereas Raven went directly into wrestling after college, Scott Norton was an arm wrestler by trade who was recruited by New Japan. Despite being inexperienced, Norton got a good push early in his career due to his massive size, strength, and notoriety from being in the film “Over the Top” that starred Sylvester Stallone.

They got to the blond woman’s house, and there were half a dozen cats roaming around, along with a baby asleep in another room. Raven was coming up on the end of his run in Portland, so he probably figured he could’ve done whatever he wanted with the woman, although he probably could’ve done that anyway. Sure enough, he took her clothes off and entered her from behind, right in front of Norton and Larry Oliver.

The woman attempted to perform a sex position that is known as “Wobbly H” in street slang. In such a position, she is being penetrated from behind (“doggie style”) while performing oral sex on another man. She went to unzip Larry Oliver’s pants. Larry, just a month after saying in the locker room he’d participate in this sex act without hesitation, suddenly didn’t want to do it. He refused, for whatever reason.

Raven didn’t care whether Larry participated or not; he just wanted to get off. Unfortunately for Raven, there were two things preventing him from finishing:

1) The baby in the other room was now crying
2) Scott Norton was on a chair in the bedroom, drowning in a sea of cats, watching him have sex

The pressure for Raven to finish was now on, which only made him more anxious and unable to finish. The more he thought about how he had to finish, the more he couldn’t do it. The baby was crying louder and louder, and Norton, this big, tough, monster, was actually really enjoying himself playing with all the cats.

If that visual wasn’t humorous enough, the blond woman only made matters worse. As she was bent over a lunch table getting rammed from behind by Raven, she turned her head around to face him and chanted, “Go Scotty go! Go Scotty go!”

Raven, who was desperately trying to finish the sex act, couldn’t keep a straight face. He broke down laughing and lost his erection.

But he was determined. He finally demanded Scott Norton and Larry Oliver close their eyes, and asked the woman to stop chanting his name like he was a babyface in a wrestling match (ironically Raven had just turned babyface on television). He finally finished. And just like that, Norton got the cats off of him, and they left.

Raven having sex with a wrestling groupie while a baby is crying in the other room is not surprising. Larry Oliver, just a teenager, turning down a blowjob is slightly surprising.

But Scott Norton, who is one of the scariest human beings to ever enter a wrestling ring, cuddling and smiling while playing with cats, and watching Raven have doggie style sex, is both surprising and hilarious.  Only in pro wrestling.