Ric Flair Hitchhikes with a ‘Terrorist’

Date: Early August 2016
Location: Interstate 85
Source: Ric Flair Show

With all the classic one-hour matches Ric Flair has wrestled, he never once ran out of gas in the ring. On the road, however, is a different story.

Flair told a story on Episode #6 of his Ric Flair Show podcast (Bruce Prichard was the guest) of how he and his girlfriend Wendy Barlow (“Fifi” from his “Flair for the Gold” segments in early ‘90s WCW) ran out of gas on Interstate 85 just a couple days prior to recording the podcast. It was about 10am, and since they were stranded with no signs of life nearby, they actually had to hitchhike.

A man from Turkey ended up pulling over immediately. Wendy thought he was a terrorist and didn’t want to get into his car at first. She finally agreed to go in. Flair offered him $100 to take them wherever they needed to go. Flair didn’t say if the driver knew who he was or was a wrestling fan, but he probably told him once they started driving.

When Flair and Wendy got to their destination, they sent the Chevrolet company out to pick up his Camaro. They either filled it with gas and drove it back to him, or towed it and filled the tank for him.

The possibilities of what could’ve happened are endless. What if the Turkish man had kidnapped the Nature Boy and/or Fifi, and he went missing? What if he really was a terrorist and held Flair for ransom? What if someone stopped off near the abandoned Camaro and torched it or stole it? How many wrestling fans drove by the Camara and had no idea it belonged to Flair? What if no one stopped by to pick up Flair and Wendy, and TMZ happened to see them hitchhiking endlessly and film it for their show?

Flair said it was the first time he had ever run out of gas, of all the years he spent on the road. Strangely, a caller asked him about it on the podcast, and he just happened to have experienced it days before.

While this isn’t the most exciting or newsworthy road story we’ve come across, the idea of Flair running out of gas and sticking his thumb out on the highway still fascinates us. Seeing Flair hitchhike would be the coolest thing ever, and we’d gladly take he and Wendy anywhere they needed to go, at no charge at all.