About Us

“What is The Armpit?”

The Armpit was pro wrestling’s least trusted news source from 2002 through 2018. We provided hard-hitting news, interactive contributions from readers, and exclusive feature articles and interviews that aimed to inform and entertain.  These included:

  • Backstage Fights: The original, online collection of the most detailed, blow-by-blow descriptions of backstage fights in pro wrestling on the entire internet.  90% of the information you see online about any backstage fights originally came from this website.
  • “News”: Coverage of the latest pro wrestling news, rumors, and gossip.  We also had news on the ’80s/’90s wrestling scene, and for a short while we used to cover UFC.
  • Pick My Brain: Revealing, intrusive and potentially offensive interviews with pro wrestling’s elite, such as Paul BearerJJ DillonTom Zenk, and Dave Meltzer.
  • Dear Dr. Dave: Our sex advice column, where current movie star and former WWE superstar Dave Batista answered your sex questions as only he could.
  • Supestar Rants: Rants from famous pro wrestling personalities such as HHHRic Flair, and Jim Ross, who speak their minds in surprisingly honest fashion.
  • Features: Incredibly interesting special feature articles on the world of pro wrestling.
  • Road Stories: A relatively new section, aimed at posting as many interesting, titillating, gossipy, sleazy, funny, and disgusting road stories as we could possibly find.
  • Comics: The lighter side of pro wrestling.

“Are your articles real or fake?”

Just like pro wrestling, the truth is somewhere in between. The news articles are clearly intended to be satire. Ditto for Superstar RantsDear Dr. Dave, and some of the Feature Articles. The Pick My Brain interviews are 100% real, however. Interactive posts from readers (such as Backstage FightsRoad Stories, etc) strive to be authentic, but their veracity is not guaranteed. That isn’t by design, that’s just the nature of hearsay stories told by people in a profession where lying is often the norm.

“Is The Armpit on social media?”

No. If you see any page claiming to be The Armpit, it’s either inactive or fake.

“How often is the site updated?”

It’s not. The site is no longer active, but please enjoy our vast archives.

“Were you really on the Howard Stern Show?”

Yes, our writing was featured on two different episodes, back when the show used to be funny. When Eric the Actor/Midget did a wrestling quiz, we wrote the questions that Howard read on the air. When Fred the Elephant Boy did a wrestling quiz and got his body hair waxed, we wrote most (but not all) of the questions for that. Both shows aired in 2008, and this website got a plug on the Wrap-up Show for each of those days. We’ve also provided some background research for Howard when he has had pro wrestlers or MMA fighters on the show, most notably Chris Kanyon. We’ve often been consulted when Howard has those kinds of guests on the show, since we have a lot of dirt and interesting stories. We’ve since declined their requests to work with them, since the show has gotten so bad and Howard has completely jumped the shark.

“Who writes the articles on The Armpit?”

Unless otherwise noted, all content was written by the Wrestling Professor.

“Why is The Armpit no longer active?”

Quite simply, we lost our passion for pro wrestling during the COVID-19 “pandemic.” The whole woke culture that followed really turned us off, and while we do watch AEW every week, we just can’t get into the WWE or NXT product anymore. Since canceling our subscription to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, we also stopped following the Japanese, Mexican, and UK wrestling scenes.

“How can I support The Armpit?”

We’re grateful and appreciative of the support our readers proudly give us.  The best and easiest way to support The Armpit is to:

  • Share your favorite posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media.
  • Email your friends with links to your favorite posts, or to The Armpit in general.
  • Tell your friends about The Armpit in message boards, blogs, chat rooms, and anywhere else you communicate with other wrestling fans.

“Where are the old Armpit wrestling quizzes?”

We made them available as an e-book called “The Armpit Wrestling Quiz Archives: Volume 1.”  Details coming shortly.