Hillary Clinton Hired Brock Lesnar to Beat Up Trump Supporters

(NEW YORK, NY) – Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton hired former WWE and UFC champion Brock Lesnar to beat up Donald Trump supporters, according to the latest video released by Project Veritas in an undercover sting operation.

The stunning revelation comes on the heels of recent videos produced by Project Veritas two weeks ago that showed Clinton’s campaign hired a consulting firm to plant people at Trump’s rallies to intentionally stir violence.

But with Lesnar, the goal was different.

“Hillary’s desperate,” said Democratic operative Scott Foval in a private dinner conversation in which he didn’t know he was being recorded. “Brock’s job isn’t to stir violence to get media attention. Been there, done that b*tch. What Hillary wants Brock to do is… basically, kick their asses. Beat ‘em up, break their bones, pretty much make it impossible for them to vote on Election Day.”

Legal analysts say that if the claims are proven to be true, Clinton could be charged with conspiracy to commit assault, at a minimum. This doesn’t take into account any laws she may have broken related to voter fraud and traditional campaign laws that govern threatening and intimidating voters.

“When Hillary wanted violence at Trump rallies, we put boots on the ground,” continued Foval in the taped conversation. “And now she wants boots up the ass. And by God, if that’s what the boss wants, we’re gonna put f*cking boots up the ass.”

The stunning footage could be damaging to the Clinton campaign, as voters may reject her secret, behind the scenes backroom dealings to inflict pain and violence on Americans who stand in the way between her and the presidency. However, it may also hurt Trump’s campaign if his supporters feel they may be beaten up at the polling stations.

“Oh HELLZ no!” wrote one Trump supporter on Twitter in response to the latest video. “I like my neck the way it is, thank you very much.”

“I don’t need the Beast Incarnate paralyzing me. I’d rather stay home on Election Day. LOVE Trump, but it ain’t worth it,” wrote another Twitter follower.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters were equally unlikely to cast their ballots for the former Secretary of State.

“Seriously, how deranged IS this b*tch!?!” said a lady in Florida who had already cast her ballot in early voting. “I hate Trump, y’all, but I’m changeing (sic) my vote to him becuz (sic) of this.”

The news surprised some pro wrestling analysts, as Lesnar was a registered Republican. But Lesnar has since moved to Canada and is no longer eligible to vote in US elections.

“Oh, I can’t stand that lying, crooked c*nt,” said Lesnar when reached for comment. “But I live in Canada now, so who gives a f*ck. I can’t vote, but I can still kick ass. I hate liberals, but this was purely business. She hired me. I had a job to do, so I did it. And I’d do it again.”

To prove he has a non-partisan role in this, Lesnar revealed, “I’d beat the sh*t out of Hillary’s stupid ass supporters too if Donald paid me. I’d F5 all those pansy liberals, and I’d probably enjoy it. I even offered Trump’s campaign to match the money Hillary was paying me, but they declined. Too bad, I’d have fought like Hell to make America great again.”

Trump tells Sean Hannity on his Fox News program: “Nothing Hillary does surprises me anymore. She’s desperate to win at all costs.”

Donald Trump was asked about the video on Sean Hannity’s program, but due to his past relationship with WWE, declined to say much. He simply responded, “Nothing Hillary does surprises me anymore. She’s desperate to win at all costs, even if it means physically harming law abiding citizens.”

When Hannity asked Trump if he knew who Lesnar was, he said, “Oh yeah, I’m close with Vince McMahon and Dana White. I know Brock very well, great guy. And his wife is a perfect 10.”

Dick Morris, a political consultant who worked very closely with the Clintons during Bill’s presidency in the 1990s, said the decision to hire Lesnar was likely personal.

“I was in Bill’s office every single day at the height of the Monday night wars,” said Morris. “Bill had huge posters of Sable (Lesnar’s wife) all over the Oval Office walls. He had a copy of her Playboy issue in every single room of the White House. Bill even told me, ‘If she interned for me, I’d have a three-way with her and Monica.’ This drove Hillary NUTS. My guess is when she was searching for a bully to beat up Trump supporters, she saw he (Lesnar) was married to Sable and that’s how he got the job.”

The Clinton campaign denied the allegations, even though the recorded audio seemingly incriminated Hillary. “These claims are absolutely false; Hillary doesn’t even know who Mr. Lesnar is,” said campaign manager John Podesta.

Upon hearing Clinton’s denial, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange tweeted that he had emails to prove Hillary did in fact hire Brock Lesnar. “Oh, about that Brock thing,” wrote Assange, “wait until tomorrow’s email dump. I’ve got documented proof she personally authorized and paid him to send Trump’s voters to Suplex City.”

Election Day is November 8. More details will be released as this story unfolds.