Alberto del Rio vs Civilian

Alberto Del Rio has been in the news the past couple months, first stemming from his Wellness Policy violation and then his leaving WWE. He once again became one of the hottest free agents in pro wrestling, and made the decision to remain independent and take select dates with different promotions as opposed to signing with anyone full-time.

Fight: Alberto Del Rio vs Civilian

Date: October 2, 2016
Location: San Antonio, TX
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

One promotion Albert Del Rio returned to was AAA, which booked him for their Heroes Immortales X show at Arena Monterrey in Mexico. He was scheduled to team with Psycho Clown against Pagano & Dr Wagner Jr in the main event, but ended up no-showing. The match was changed to a three-way between those three wrestlers, and both the fans and the AAA promotion were very upset that Alberto didn’t make the show.

As it turned out, he had a good reason.

Alberto Del Rio claims that he was stabbed outside a restaurant in San Antonio earlier that day, which made it impossible for him to make the show. Some at first were skeptical, but Alberto posted photos online that clearly showed he was stabbed, as the wounds were graphic and very real. When AAA was informed of the incident after the show, they wished him a quick recovery after initially issuing a statement that was negative on him for no-showing.

According to Alberto Del Rio, along with people he knew at MLW Radio, the whole thing started when Alberto was involved in a minor car accident. He was hit by another driver, and the two got out of their cars and words were exchanged. The driver took out a knife, which caused Alberto to back off and walk away, but he was still attacked from behind and stabbed. He then swung the knife towards Alberto’s face, and he moved but still got cut on the side of the head.

Alberto was able to take the man down, but before he could take the knife away, the driver was able to stab him one more time on the arm. Alberto’s girlfriend Paige was there and got involved somehow, but the driver was able to escape to his car and drive away. Witnesses gave police the car’s license plate, and Alberto was taken to the local hospital and treated immediately for stitches before being released. He then went to the police station and was unable to make his flight to Mexico.

Alberto Del Rio claimed he had been eating a local restaurant just before this happened, although it’s not known as of this writing where that fits into the timeline.

While nobody doubts this incident occurred, there are unanswered questions as to why Alberto didn’t inform AAA he’d miss the show. Friends of his claim he lost his cell phone after the stabbing, but even if that is true, he could’ve used another phone or had a friend or relative call AAA on his behalf. Also, the San Antonio Police Department hasn’t been cooperative with requests for information, and in one instance, said they didn’t know about it until having to search in their database. Logic says that if a celebrity of Alberto’s stature was involved in an incident like this, everyone within the police department would’ve known about it.

Nevertheless, Alberto informed AAA the following day and they still plan to book him going forward. He still planned on making his booking that weekend in England for a show with What Culture Pro Wrestling, which takes place after this writing. Details will be added as they become available.