Andre the Giant Poops on Bad News Allen

Andre the Giant and Bad News Allen had their differences in the past, including the infamous incident on the bus where Bad News challenged Andre to a fight after he made some racial comments. The two eventually made peace, and right before Andre passed away, he made sure to leave a major impact on Bad News that he’d never forget.

Date: Late 1992
Location: El Toreo in Naucalpan, Mexico
Source: RF Video, Wrestling Observer Newsletter


As noted, Bad News Allen had an ugly confrontation with Andre the Giant on a bus in Japan. The two thankfully avoided a physical confrontation, and while they did manage to co-exist together after that, they weren’t close friends. They did work together in Japan following the bus incident, and they worked together in the WWF without problems when Allen worked there under the name Bad News Brown.

Andre aged rapidly in the late 1980s, due to his acromegaly condition and years of being on the road, in the ring, and more consumption of alcohol than you could possibly imagine. By the time he achieved his most fame in the United States in 1987 and 1988, his weight had exploded and he was practically immobile.

Bad News Brown was done with the WWF in 1989, and Andre left about a year later. Both bounced around internationally, between Japan, Mexico, and Bad News Allen’s home base in Calgary. Andre didn’t wrestle much at this point, and by 1992 he needed a cane to walk around. His body was falling apart, his weight was at an all-time high, and he was sadly just months away from his eventual passing in February of 1993.

Some of Andre’s final matches were in Mexico, where he wrestled for the UWA promotion. Bad News Allen was also doing dates with UWA at the time, as Buffalo Allen. Bam Bam Bigelow, who had worked with Andre following his debut in the WWF in 1987, was also there. One of their matches, from May, is available on YouTube and you can see how much Andre’s health had worsened.

The Incident

Andre, Bad News, and Bigelow were working a match again at the El Toreo bullring in Naucalpan later in the year. We could not find any record of the match, so we don’t know the exact date or who else was in the match. What is known is that Andre was suffering from some sort of virus. And as always, he had been drinking. Tequila was among his favorite intoxicants, and while in Mexico, surely that would’ve been his drink of choice.

Bad News and Andre were on opposing teams. Andre whispered to Bad News that he was going to deliver his patented butt bump to the face, calling him “boss” as he called everyone. Bad News got into position, laying on the ground with his head resting on the middle turnbuckle, waiting for the butt to the face.

What he got was something far different.

The combination of the virus, the alcohol, and the motion of the moving his butt backwards, all led to Andre losing control of his bowels. Without warning, he shat diarrhea all over Bad News.

Bigelow watched it happened, and described it as oozing everywhere. And the more Andre tried to move to get out of the way, the more it fell out. And with someone of Andre’s size, you can imagine how bad it must have been.

Bad News left the ring immediately, trying not to get sick everywhere. He ran up into the stands, and as noted, it was a bullring so the setup wasn’t the usual building setup. Fans in the back who couldn’t tell what happened were now next to Bad News as he rushed out. They could smell something foul and kept asking each other what was causing it.

Without finishing the match, Bad News made it to the back and immediately washed himself off in the shower while still wearing his boots. The Observer reported that Bad News got sick at this point, but didn’t find any interviews from him where he said that. He did say he came close, though.

The match was never filmed, so no footage exists (thank goodness). Bad News has admitted several times the story is true, and Bigelow as noted has talked about it as well. We don’t know how the match ended, but it was probably stopped or they had a disqualification so that Andre could clean himself and the ring could be cleaned (or better yet, dumped in the trash).

Bad News was a good sport about it, saying he never blamed Andre for the incident because of his illness. It may have been the last time, or close to it, that he ever saw Andre alive. He did say that they made peace before Andre passed, and that was probably around this time or earlier in the year.

Andre passed away just months later, although he may have wrestled in Japan briefly after this incident. We assume he was very apologetic to Bad News about it.

Even though he was still wrestling as Bad News Allen in Calgary, and Buffalo Allen in Mexico, he became Bad News “Brown” on this unfortunate night.

Bad News Allen passed away many years later, in 2007. After he passed, this story and the bus incident received renewed exposure. Even now, with the advent of podcasts that have honored the legacies of Bad News Allen and Andre the Giant (who both had amazing careers and were two guys few dared to mess with outside the ring), this is one story that has gained infamy and will probably grow in legend for years to come.