The Dudleys Save Joel Gertner

Date: October 27, 1995
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Source: anonymous

Before Joel Gerner became a cult character in ECW, he started out as a ring announcer for them in 1995.

Joel Gertner, back before he was a cult character for ECW, started out as a ring announcer for ECW. One day at a hotel, Gertner and his keen driving skills managed to drive his rental car over a cement block in the parking lot. The car was stuck, and Gertner was sh*tting bricks because he had just ruined the rental car.

Luckily, Big Dick Dudley (who passed away in 2002) was nearby. Big Dick reached down, grabbed the car, and lifted it with his bare hands. This was one strong dude. He moved the car and placed it off the block, saving Gertner from humiliation (except for those lucky enough to witness this embarrassing incident).

Gertner thanked him and shook his hand, and Dudley acted like it was no big deal even though he had just saved the day. The whole scene was straight out of those Mark Henry vignettes when WWE would show him doing strong man stunts.