Rob Van Dam vs Taz

Date: unknown
Location: unknown
Source: Armpit reader HB2KBuzsaw

Very little is known about the quick skirmish between Rob Van Dam and Taz in ECW. The incident is famous for the three words RVD uttered, but other than that, details are sketchy.

Taz was thought to be one of the tougher wrestlers on the ECW roster. Whether that was true or not, that was the belief, and Paul Heyman marketed him as such. For whatever reason, Taz was upset after a match between RVD and Sabu, and he was going around the locker room saying he was going to kick both of their asses.

Word got back to RVD, who went up to Taz and said, “Pick a hand.” Taz replied “What?” and RVD popped him right in the mouth. Taz was said to have then gone on the defensive and said he didn’t really want to fight him.

It is confirmed there was an incident between the two that included the “Pick a hand” comment, and that RVD got the better of whatever exchange there was. But we’re still looking for confirmation of other details such as the date, location, background as to why Taz was upset, and how many punches were thrown, and by whom.

RVD said he did the “Pick a hand” routine because it worked once before with ECW’s sound guy, which is another story we’re looking for details on. RVD thought about doing it to a few people in WWE, but never did, but did hint or joke that he tried it on Viscera and that it didn’t work.