Pick My Brain Interview: Sir Adam & The Phantom

Hosts of “Get in the Ring” Radio Show

With mainstream radio about to suffer the long, horrible death it deserves, Internet and satellite radio are poised to take over and dominate. And when it comes to wrestling shows on the radio, two guys who stand above all the rest are Sir Adam and the Phantom from Get in the Ring.

And now it’s time someone asked THEM the questions.

Sir A and the Phant are good friends of The Armpit, having plugged us on their show a couple times. They got their answers to us in a timely fashion, and they knew how to play the game. We salute Get in the Ring, and we suggest everyone read this interview and then go listen to their show archives at Getinthering.tv. They interview some major names, and it’s a very entertaining listen. Trust me, it’s good stuff.

The Phantom’s answers are in red. Sir Adam’s answers are in blue.

1. Please use this first question to get all your plugs out of the way. Websites, radio shows, books, merchandise, you name it.

Phantom: Cooking with the Phantom (May ’07) DVD, Mysteries of Wrestling: SOLVED (April ’05) book (available for pre-order right now at amazon.com, getinthering.tv- where you can get your very own Best of GIR VOLUME 1 CD.

Brutus Beefcake: the Musical on Broadway Sept. ’20, written by Phantom starring Corey Haim as Brutus Beefcake, and Corey Feldman as Hulk Hogan.

Adam: Our book Mysteries of Wrestling: Solved is available for pre-order now and will be in stores soon. It features both brand new interviews and rare classic ones on 12 topics that have been on the minds of all wrestling fans for years. If you’re tired of reading wrestling books that were meant for a history class and want to try something different give it a shot. We’re really proud of it. www.getinthering.tv

2. Let’s not beat around the bush. These are turbulent times for those in the radio industry. With the rising popularity of satellite radio, are you two at all worried about your future? Or is internet radio safe, and is it just traditional AM/FM stations that have to worry?

Phantom: Internet radio is completely safe, unless Al Gore decides to take it all back, then we’ll be standing right next to Dave Scherer on the free soup line.

Adam: I think there has been somewhat of a revolution in that these large media enterprises, that thought they were untouchable foundations of our culture, have seen their influence decrease. Satellite radio and internet radio give people more choices and are more likely to have an option or two that appeal to a given person. I know in NY the music stations here couldn’t be worse, so having these alternatives makes all the difference in the world. The same thing happened with TV in the 80’s and 90’s. I get my news now from CNN and MSNBC usually rather than NBC. It’s just change.

3. Let’s play Number Association. Please give us a number for each of the following:

Number of listeners “Get in the Ring” is estimated to have: 

Phantom: 57,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,004. 

Adam: I don’t care and don’t want to be influenced by it one way or the other. In fact, I make it a point to stay away from the numbers.

Best year ever in terms of listenership: 

Phantom: 1998, the year wrestling exploded and we decided to take a hiatus. How dumb are we? 

Adam: See above.

Favorite year to be a wrestling fan: 

Phantom: 1986, nothing beats watching George Steele try to f*ck Elizabeth as Macho Man went nuts. 

Adam: When the NWO started was a great time for wrestling fans.

Number of times you’ve zoned out when interviewing a wrestler who doesn’t hold your interest: 

Phantom: 20, every time the Iron Sheik made an appearance. 

Adam: Usually once every other week. Luckily we are smart enough to realize when the other guy isn’t there.

Hours of sleep you get per night: 

Phantom: If I get less than my 18 hrs. I’m a freakin zombie. 

Adam: About 6.

Number of videotapes you own: 

Phantom: 0, I just sold them to the local used movie and CD place for 25cents a piece. The only one they wouldn’t buy was my 6 VHS set of the “Best of the Mulkeys.” 

Adam: 2 and Phantom bought them both for me. Best of Foley and Best of Flair. I’ve never been a big tape guy. I’d like to get some ROH tapes since they get great reviews, but I’m too lazy.

Annual salary you estimate Howard Stern receives: 

Phantom: I don’t want to think about how much that bastard makes…it makes me cry into my Crucified by the FCC CD set that is currently on sale at EBAY. 

Adam: Now I’m guessing $20 million plus stock. Soon I think he gets $100 million right?

Percentage of Hell that would have to freeze over before Vince McMahon would ever do your show: 

Phantom: Hey anythings’ possible we just had Barry Freakin Windham on! 

Adam: I interviewed him at the Mike Tyson Wrestlemania press conference for a minute or two. It was very intimidating. I realized just how much I admire the man. Anyway, I think we played it on the air. But Vince doing a full show? I really don’t think he would be against it, but he’s running a billion dollar publicly traded company. We’re not on his radar. But I do think he’d like it because for once he’d be treated with respect.

4. In 10 words or less, please give us your assessment of each of the following past/present competitors of yours. If you’ve never heard the show, say “n/a”:

Between the Ropes:

Phantom: Fritz says “who’s your daddy” too much. 

Adam: Keeping in mind I only listened once, I think they are somewhat different from what we do now. I think our show was more like theirs back from about 1996 to 1999 when we had a more traditional news segment and then made fun of everything brought up. Al Issacs was great at that. But after he left, we never found the right fit and decided that we could only put up with each other’s flakiness and no one else’s, so we changed. Anyway, Vito’s been on our board and seems like a nice guy. Dickerman seems to have a sense of humor about it all which is definitely the way to go. I wish those guys the best of luck and would like to talk to them in the future.

WWE Byte This: 

Phantom: I see kayfabe people. 

Adam: Never listened.

Wrestling Observer Live: 

Phantom: Dave Meltzer writes a damn good newsletter. 

Adam: Listened only once when Ole Anderson was on. But I read the newsletter religiously.

Radio WWF: 

Phantom: I miss the repartee between Savage and Howard Finkel. 

Adam: Never listened

WCW Live: 

Phantom: The only place where Disco Inferno ever made me laugh. 

Adam: Never listened but when I would read their transcripts/recaps on line they just sounded like such a bunch of losers.

Dynamite D’s WrestleTalk: 

Phantom: Not sure who that is. 

Adam: Never heard of it. Sorry.

The Shadow Man: 

Phantom: See above. 

Adam: Never heard of it. Sorry.

5. Yes or No, have the Phantom and Sir Adam ever done the following:

Felt guilty about a guy who ruins his career by badmouthing his employer on your show, yet you benefit from the publicity: 

Phantom: HELL NO. 

Adam: I get concerned when I think a guy is being naïve rather than someone who understands the consequences of bashing the WWE. Part of why I think we’ve been around so long is that we talk just like you would talking about wrestling with a friend. The wrestlers feel more comfortable and that can get them to reveal a lot more about themselves. That’s good for the fans and even good for the wrestlers when they can show the fans another side of them.

Wanted to say something offensive, but held back for fear of getting in trouble by the government in their recent crackdown on obscenity: 

Phantom: YES. 

Adam: When we first started out I was afraid, but I got over it. I think I know where to draw the line. Of course, now we are free to do whatever.

Practiced being a radio show host in front of the mirror at home: 

Phantom: YES. 

Adam: Never.

Said something on the air that offended your wives/girlfriends: 

Phantom: YES. 

Adam: My wife is cool. She doesn’t get offended easily.

Been recognized in public after someone heard your voice: 

Phantom: NO. 

Adam: When I was in law school I used to talk about wrestling with a classmate. After a few months he started talking about the show and I told him that was me. It was very strange.

Denied your identity in public, for fear of being maimed by a lunatic wrestling fan who hates you: 

Phantom: YES. 

Adam: I know some people don’t like our show, but no one has ever been rude in person.

Missed the days when you could flip the channels between USA and TNT on Monday nights: 

Phantom: YES. 

Adam: Every week. It will never be the same.

Chanted “ECW” at a house show or TV taping: 

Phantom: NO. 

Adam: Never.

Chanted “We Want Flair” at a house show or TV taping: 

Phantom: NO. 

Adam: I don’t know.

Yelled “Suck it!” at a house show or TV taping: 

Phantom: NO. 

Adam: No I’m not very vocal at matches.

Drank too much water before a show and had to pee really, really bad while on the air: 

Phantom: NO, I had to do the other. 

Adam: No but I ate turkey from a sketchy deli once and had to go home in the middle of the show to die.

Gotten into a fight or argument with someone who calls wrestling fake: 

Phantom: NO. 

Adam: I don’t care about someone calling it fake. It ‘s when someone acts as if I’m an idiot for watching it that pisses me off. I could talk about this subject for hours, but it is one of the chapters in our book. It’s called “Is Wrestling Fake” and we ask our panel of experts that question and the answers we got we’re really surprising. After you read it you’ll be fully prepared to respond to someone like this.

Wanted to hang up on a boring caller who just goes on and on and on and on and on…: 

Phantom: On what was a weekly basis. 

Adam: Yes. We know it’s tough being a good caller, but you can’t let the show drag.

Tried to convince advertisers that smart people really do listen to your show: 

Phantom: YES. 

Adam: Yes. The only thing we hated was getting advertisers. Now that we’re on the internet it’s so much better.

Met each other in person: 

Phantom: Unfortunately YES. 

Adam: We grew up together and he’s coming over today.

Gotten so used to being on the air together that you’ve called your wife/girlfriend by your co-host’s name: 

Phantom: NO. 

Adam: No. I think if you call any girl The Phantom you’re done.

Listened to a voicemail message that went on for so long that you forgot it was a voicemail, thought you were talking to the person live, and started talking, only to feel like an idiot when you realized it was a voicemail message: 


Adam: I only listen to messages for about 5 seconds then I just call the person back and ask what they wanted. I have no patience.

Fast-forwarded through commercials on Raw, then hit the rewind button because you passed by that commercial where Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson rip each other’s clothes off: 

Phantom: YES. 

Adam: No. It’s strange but its every week so it gets old.

Used curse words after you realized your VCR or TiVo messed up and didn’t tape a wrestling show you wanted to see: 


Adam: Yes.

6. Let’s say Bob Carter disowns his daughter Dixie and puts you in charge of NWA TNA. In your first major move, whom would you choose to be your booker, and why?

Phantom: Sir Adam, because I would secretly make a deal w/ Vince McMahon and promise to take down TNA in a matter of two months in return for a lump sum of 1,000,000 and Dawn Marie. Only Sir Adam’s ideas could make that happen pronto. 

Adam: Me and Phantom. It would be different and we would go on what fans want to see not what someone thinks the fans want.

7. If a bigger opportunity in wrestling has been blown more than the WCW invasion angle of WWE, we’d like to hear it. Anyone?

Phantom: Using RVD as a top guy in WWE comes a close second. 

Adam: Never.

8. After the success of the Rise and Fall of ECW, which DVD are you clamoring to see next?

A. The Rise and Fall of SMW
B. The Rise and Fall of Mid-South
C. The Rise and Fall of the NWA
D. The Rise and Fall of WCW
E. The Rise and Fall of the XWF
F. The Rise and Fall of the AWA
G. The Rise and Fall of Global
H. The Rise and Fall of GLOW
I. The Rise and Fall of World Class
J. The Rise and Fall of FM Radio
K. The Rise and Fall of WWE

Phantom: H. I loved the Farmer’s Daughter.

Adam: I’d go with the Mid-South. I only got to see it for a brief time, but it was awesome.

9. How hard did each of you laugh after Bubba the Love Sponge was given the heave-ho?

Phantom: Didn’t he sacrifice a pig on air or something? It reminds me of the time we had our Intern, Fonzo, light off fireworks in the studio and he lost a thumb. And we didn’t lose our job for that one. 

Adam: I never listened to him. We don’t get him in New York.

10. Time for Favorites.

Favorite wrestling website:

Phantom: www.tommys-bookmarks.com. 

Adam: www.a1wrestling.com. I can access a few sites from it. I don’t really go anywhere else.

Favorite wrestling publication: 

Phantom: Pro-Wrestling Illustrated, the only place a New York kid could find out about the Nikita Koloff Magnum TA feud.

Adam: Observer.

Favorite PPV event of all-time: 

Phantom: Great American Bash ’88- three words (in Kevin Sullivan’s accent) TOWER OF DOOM. 

Adam: Wrestlemania III

Favorite guest you’ve ever had: 

Both: Steve Austin.

Favorite match of all-time: 

Phantom: Austin/Hart Wrestlemania 13. 

Adam: Hogan/Rock. If you can make me stand on my couch when I’m by myself you’re doing something right.

Favorite fast food joint: 

Phantom: Roll and Roasters in Brooklyn. 

Adam: I don’t eat fast food so I guess pizza.

Favorite type of music: 

Phantom: 80’s Metal. 

Adam: British rock.

Favorite band or musician: 

Phantom: Guns N Roses. 

Adam: Stereophonics

Favorite TV show from the ’80s: 

Phantom: Greatest American Hero

Favorite TV show from the ’70s: 

Phantom: What’s Happening

Favorite finishing maneuver: 

Phantom: Billy Jack Haynes’ Full Nelson. 

Adam: Right now you can’t beat Petey Williams move.

Favorite Raw diva: 

Phantom: Dawn Marie. 

Adam: Trish Stratus. If a male wrestler had her abilities, talents and looks they would be as big as the Rock.

Favorite Tough Enough competitor (any season): 

Phantom: That Jackass Hawk. 

Adam: I never watched it (except this season because I was forced to by Smackdown) but I’ll go with anyone but Hawk. That guy was on our show and he was just awful.

Favorite wrestling-related movie: 

Phantom: Body Slam

Adam: Was there ever a good one?

11. Name at least 1 annoying habit about each other that drives you nuts.

Phantom: He says “Ahhh” a lot. He’s a huge Lord Littlebrook fan. All he drinks is Slurpees. 

Adam: Phantom has a bad habit? Try telling him that.

12. Just so that you don’t end up tearing each other’s heads off, please name at least one thing you admire about the other.

Phantom: His dogged determination to keep the show alive over the years. 

Adam: He’s got balls. Not that I don’t, but I think use show them at different times.

13. It’s The Phantom vs. Sir Adam in a no holds barred, out-and-out MMA match. Who would win, and how long would it last?

Phantom: No doubt the P-H-A-N-T would come out on top with a crossface submission- but it would take 42 minutes. 

Adam: Phantom is tougher than he looks. He’s got a TKO punch. But I think I could take him.

14. Was the timing of having Vince Russo and Dave Meltzer as guests on your show back-to-back intentional? And seriously, how did you do nearly an hour with Russo and resist the temptation of telling him what a total and complete jack-ass he is?

Phantom: Nothing we do EVER is intentional. Russo rules, he’s a former WGBB guy like we are. 

Adam: Not intentional. I know Russo has his faults, but I admire the man. First, he put on some great tv. Second, he wanted to be in the business, had no connections and made it to the top. Just like us, except we never made it.

15. Suppose you’ve gotten the word that your show has been canceled. However, you’re allowed to have a final, 3-hour show with any 3 guests you choose. Who would those 3 guests be?

Phantom: HHH, Stephanie and Shane. We would get Shane to admit he hates their guts, and get HHH to admit that he still has the hots for Chyna. 

Adam: Vince McMahon, Steve Austin and Tommy Rich.

16. Which of the following would be the worst possible guest you could have:

A. Ultimate Warrior, in character
B. Sting, in character while doing the Crow gimmick in which he never spoke
C. George “The Animal” Steele, in character
D. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, in or out of character
E. Kamala, in character
F. Kane, with the voicebox
G. “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, in character and who hardly speaks
H. Linda McMahon and her monotone
I. Nikita Koloff in his phony Russian accent
J. Other (please specify)

Phantom: I. Rread our book, the Mysteries of Wrestling SOLVED for our true story experience w/ Nikita at the Outback steakhouse, then you’ll know why I picked this one.

Adam: J. I’ll go with Sting in character. Out of character he was one of the best interviews we ever had. As far as the others, a lot of them are in our book and they are great. Bobby Eaton may not say much, but he’s funny as hell. Kamala will surprise our readers as not only can he talk, but he couldn’t be more different than what he portrays on tv. George too. Nikita gets trashed in our book for good reason.

17. How much money would it take for you two to read the transcript of Rob Feinstein’s instant message chats with the supposed 14-year-old live on the air, with one of you playing the part of Rob, and one of you playing the part of the “boy”?

Phantom: We’ll do it next week for10% of the profits of your site. 

Adam: I would be up for it as a joke, but this topic is very serious and should not be taken lightly. Too many people’s lives have been ruined.

18. Before we go, these next 3 questions are from Brian P. Cooper, who recaps your radio shows and runs BigVanVader.com. First, which guy annoys you the most: Fritz, Dickerman, Triple H, Joe From Tom’s River, or Tatanka?

Phantom: Joe’s very misunderstood, I have to watch that HHH every week, so I’ll say Levesequetelet however the hell that New Hampshire jackass spells his last name. What’s a Dickerman? 

Adam: Fritz is a nice guy. Never spoke to DIckerman and only listened once so I have no opinion of him one way or the other. Triple H is a great heel as is Joe. So I’ll go with Tatanka.

19. What was the worst thing about 2004: Armageddon, 1 Night In China, the Mikey Whipwreck show, TNA, or the Get In The Ring message boards?

Phantom: Our boards are just brutal, the amount of negative energy on our board could make the Honkeytonk Man say “lighten up guys”. 

Adam: The Whipwreck show was just awful. I just wanted to quit forever.

20. Which was the bigger seller in 2004: weekly TNA PPV’s, the Randy Savage CD, or the Best of Get In The Ring volume 1?

Phantom: Best OF V1 profits bought me a new doormat…so I’ll have to say Savage. 

Adam: They all suck.

21. Lastly, do you have any final words for your fans before we end this interview? Thanks to you both for being such great sports.

Phantom: Thanks for every one’s support over the years, and in the immortal words of Scott Hall “BUY THE BOOK!” 

Adam: Buy the book. You won’t be disappointed.

And folks, that is how it is done. A million thanks go out to the Phantom and Sir Adam. Be sure to visit Getinthering.tv, buy their book, and tell them how cool they are for doing this interview.