Pick My Brain Interview: Fred the Elephant Boy

Howard Stern “Wack Pack” Member

Fred “The Elephant Boy” Schreiber has been someone we’ve wanted to interview for years.  Not only has he been very beloved to a huge, cult audience for decades, but he’s also a hardcore pro wrestling fan.

I was a huge fan of the Howard Stern Show from 1993 through 2008, when it used to be incredibly funny, groundbreaking, and thoroughly entertaining.  A huge part of the Stern Show was the Wack Pack, a collection of misfits and oddities who came on the show and all became quite famous in the radio world.  Fred the Elephant Boy is an original Wack Pack member, which is notable because he’s not a misfit and not an oddity.  He’s a regular guy like you and I, with the only difference being his speech impediment.

Fred is a very likable guy, and his appearances on the show were always hilarious because he knew how to take a joke and deal with Stern making light of his speech.  He was always teased for his association with pro wrestling, which always bothered me because Howard himself has a history with pro wrestling and even once tried to start his own wrestling promotion.  We figured he’d be perfect for a Pick My Brain interview because of his wrestling fandom and celebrity status.

We also have our own history with Fred, as you’ll read about in question #2.

So please welcome Fred “The Elephant Boy” Schreiber, and we must add that he got his answers back to us in record time (thank you Fred!).

1. We finally meet again, Fred! And let us first say that we wish you well on your recent heart health issues. Before we get into the nitty gritty, please use this first question to mention anything you’d like to plug. Websites, Twitter handle, personal appearances, you know the drill.

I am doing great, back to what I once was. My Twitter handle is @realelephantboy. I am with SWF pro wrestling (Superstar Wrestling Federation).  I will be on shows in Totowa and Woodbridge, NJ.

2. Allow us to finally say… You’re welcome. On the August 12, 2008 episode of the Howard Stern Show, you made $3,101 thanks to us. You participated in Wack Pack Waxing, earning $100 for every wrestling quiz question that we wrote for you (and getting your butt waxed for every question you missed). What are your memories, both good and bad, of that legendary, money-making radio moment?

I thought it went swell. I was like a savant.  Matter of fact, the only question I got wrong was a question on MMA.  The waxing was not bad at all, it was like peeling off cellophane tape.  I was told to ham it up with a scream if I did get waxed.

3. The “Fred the Elephant Boy” character rose to fame in the late 1980s as the 28-year-old who lost your virginity when Howard Stern put you on the air for two Dial-a-Date segments. But long before that, you were a hardcore wrestling fan. When did you first start watching wrestling, which territory did you grow up watching, and who were your favorites growing up?

Since I was a kid I read the Bill Apter magazines.  I saw the WWWF on UHF where the picture was so snowy it was hard to see.  In the mid 70’s I caught Wrestling From the Olympic Auditorium.  Even though the commentary was in Spanish, I was able to follow the show.  There I was able to see Roddy Piper and Chavo Guerrero at the start of their careers.

4. I remember seeing you at an NWA wrestling convention in Cherry Hill, NJ in 1994, when I was on a bus trip put together by former NY wrestling radio show host John Arezzi. Do you still follow the wrestling scene today, and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

Not much, I keep track of WWE and TNA shows by reading their recaps.  Very rarely I watch them live.  Nowadays it’s too much storyline, some that don’t make sense, or boring promos, less on the wrestling.

5. Yes or no, has Fred the Elephant Boy ever done the following:

Seen Bruno Sammartino defend the WWWF title live in person: Sure did, at MSG and Sunnyside Gardens.
Met Mick Foley’s kids when they were really young: No, but I was at Mick’s wedding to Colette.
Attended WrestleMania in person (if so, which one?): No.
Met Dave Meltzer: No.
Smelled Baba Booey’s breath: Well I’ve chatted with him plenty of times and never noticed it.
Watched Japanese wrestling: Seen a couple of videos.
Felt Robin Quivers’ boobs: Nope.
Met a woman and gave her the DX crotch chop: No, not my style.
Told a woman you know Howard Stern in hopes of impressing her: I have this rule: I never volunteer who I am to get a deal or be treated like a VIP.  But if you recognize me, who am I to refuse your hospitality?
Been to the ECW Arena: Yes.
Met Paul Heyman: Yes, I was backstage at the first ECW show at the Hammerstein Ballroom.
Met Jim Cornette: Yes, I’ve got an autographed tennis racqet from him.
Met Andre the Giant: No.
Met Bruno Sammartino: Yes.
Met Bob Backlund: Yes.

6. You were in the news last year for an incident with High Pitch Eric, in which he made death threats over some comments you had made about him online. Peace was restored shortly thereafter. Are you two still on good terms now?

Now that time has passed, I made an attempt to bury the hatchet with him but I was told he is still afraid to meet with me without an intermediary. I will try one more time at the Gathering.

7. According to Mick Foley, you got him in trouble with his wife Colette when you left a voicemail at his house about Howard Stern’s “Butt Bongo Fiesta” show. You were also able to get Foley booked on the Stern show at a time when he wouldn’t book wrestlers at all, let alone a WCW wrestler. How did you first meet Foley and become his friend?

That’s the first time I ever heard of that, I have no memory of that. I saw him at a couple of indie shows and was so impressed with him that I knew he would be a big star.  I thought he’d be great for the show because he was so different from wrestlers at that time with his hardcore stories.

8. Time for Number Association. Please give us a number for each of the following:

Number of times per week you get recognized in public by a Stern fan: Not as much today, but every so often some recognize me to boost my spirits.
Number of years you subscribed to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter: 15.
Number of women you think Ric Flair has slept with: Never even thought about it.
Number of listeners you think Howard Stern has: I believe 6,000,000.
How much money you think Baba Booey makes per year: $125,000.
Robin Quivers’ cup size: GG.
Length, in inches, of Howard Stern’s penis: 5.75″.
Number of wrestling videotapes you own: Not a collector.
Number of wrestling magazines (not newsletters) you own: When I was kid, in the 100’s.
% chance you’ll make an appearance on Mick Foley’s reality show “Holy Foley”: 0.0

9. In June of 1994, Howard Stern finally became #1 in the Cleveland market and hosted a public funeral for his competitors there. You were a big part of that event, doing a hilarious introduction for Howard. It was also the week you met a woman named Mary Korybko, who became your girlfriend for awhile. If you don’t mind us asking, what is your relationship with Mary today? We noticed her sitting next to you when you were in the audience for the Jerry Springer Show.

At the Cleveland funeral they did not give me a headphone, so it was hard to hear myself. Mary and I are still the best of friends, but it was hard being 540 miles away and having a relationship.

10. Which do you prefer:

Artie Lange or Jackie Martling: Jackie.
WWF or WCW (during the Monday Night Wars era): WCW.
WWF or NWA (in the ‘80s): WWF.
WWE or TNA (in the 2000s): WWE.
Supertwink or Beer League: Supertwink.
Vince Russo or Vince McMahon: Vince Russo.
nWo or DX: DX.
Alison Stern or Beth Ostrosky: Beth.
Mankind, Dude Love, or Cactus Jack: Cactus Jack.
Stuttering John or John the Stutterer: Stuttering John.
Howard Stern’s WWOR show or Howard Stern’s E! show: WWOR.
The Observer or the Torch: Observer.
Missy Hyatt or Elizabeth: Missy.

11. On the September 25, 2000 edition of WCW Nitro, you and a couple other Wack Pack members made an appearance. This was notable because it was the same night WWF was debuting on Spike TV, and thus, they were expected to take a hit in the ratings and this was WCW’s chance to capitalize on it. Unfortunately, the Nitro show was awful. Who arranged for you guys to get booked on the show (our guess is Vince Russo since he was a huge Stern fan), and what are your memories from that night?

I’m confused, the Wack Pack was with the WWF at MSG. That’s when Jeff Jarrett hit Beetlejuice with a guitar.  I was at Center Stage in Atlanta and a house show at the Meadowlands for WCW.

(Editor’s note: A lot of time has passed and Fred admitted he didn’t remember all the details.  The Wack Pack were indeed on Nitro on that date, but it was in Long Island, NY and Fred the Elephant Boy may have understandably gotten it confused with MSG.)

12. Let’s play Favorites. Please tell us Fred the Elephant Boy’s favorite of the following:

Favorite Wack Pack Member (aside from yourself): Crackhead Bob.
Favorite Howard Stern Show member: Fred Norris.
Favorite year to be a wrestling fan: 1976, year of the American Dream.
Favorite version of the 4 Horsemen: Ric, Arn, Tully, JJ.
Favorite current wrestler today: AJ Styles.
Favorite year to be a Howard Stern fan: 1994.
Favorite all-time diva or valet: Sherri Martel.
Favorite wrestler growing up: The Blackjacks.
Favorite wrestling magazine growing up: Inside Wrestling.
Favorite wrestling booker: Jim Cornette.
Favorite all-time wrestling match: Cactus Jack vs Undertaker in the cage.
Favorite 80s jobber: Remember “Joe Turkel?”
Favorite scene in “Private Parts”: The crowd scene with AC/DC.

13. On a scale of 1 to 10, please rate these famous women based on their looks, in their primes:

Trish Stratus: 7
Elizabeth: 8
Missy Hyatt: 7
Madusa: 8
Lita: 4
Stephanie McMahon: 6
Linda McMahon:
Sensational Sherri: 7
Chyna: 4
Sunny: 10
Sable: 8
Paige: 5
Charlotte Flair: 9
Fabulous Moolah: 6

14. Please answer the following statements with True or False:

You tripped over the phone while Captain Janks was on hold with the Larry King Show to talk to NY Governor Mario Cuomo: True.
After the contract dispute, you were eventually paid for the adult video you made in 1999: True, biggest mistake in my life.
You subscribe to the WWE Network:
You had never heard of Howard Stern before your coworker tried to get you on the show: True.
The Howard Stern Show has jumped the shark: True.
Vince Russo, even though he’s your friend, helped kill WCW: True.
You were in attendance for the famous Jimmy Snuka Superfly Splash onto Don Muraco: True, I was close to where Mick Foley was (before I met him).
Ralph Cirella will be broke once Howard Stern retires: True.
Howard Stern would’ve won the NY Governor election in 1994 had he not dropped out of the race: False.

15. You had your own ‘Montreal Screwjob,” except it happened a year before Vince screwed Bret. In your case, in 1996, you and a woman made up a story of you two having an affair, and you guys went on Howard’s show to tell the story. It was all a hoax, and when Howard found out, he banned you from the show.  How long were you banned for, and what made him allow you back on?

Even though Howard got me laid, I was still without a girlfriend.  She made a song about me and I was touched.  I don’t remember I was banned, I haven’t thought about it since it happened.

16. In April of 1993, you got “Ravishing” Rick Rude on the Stern show, which was a major coup considering how hard it was for WCW to get media attention back then. How did you get associated with Rude, and what was he like in real life?

I was friendly with Gary Juster and I got good money for that booking.

17. Fred the Elephant Boy, thanks so much for doing this interview. We’ve been big fans of yours for 25 years. Last question… You’ve had over 8 years to research the question you missed in Wack Pack Waxing. You therefore have no excuse to miss it this time, so we’ll ask again: Whom did Brock Lesnar face in his first ever MMA fight? (Hint: he’s Korean, and it wasn’t with UFC).

Still don’t know and don’t care.

And so ends our Pick My Brain interview with Fred the Elephant Boy!  We want to send a huge thanks to Fred for doing this interview, and we wish him continued success with his recovery and with life in general.  He’s entertained me for so many years and given me so many laughs.  We can never never possibly repay him, although we did our best with that $3,101 from Wack Pack Waxing.

Be sure to follow Fred the Elephant Boy on Twitter and support all his personal appearances!