New Jack vs Pitbull #2

Date: October 16, 1997
Location: Elk’s Lodge in Queens, NY
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Pro Wrestling Torch

At an ECW TV taping in Queens, the main event was a three-way dance between New Jack and Kronus, the Dudleys, and Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney. New Jack played a rib on Joel Gertner, who managed the Dudleys at the time. He told Gertner he had to blade himself, and handed him a large blade. Gertner freaked out, having never bladed and not knowing how to do it. He went to Pitbull #2, Anthony Durante, for help.

Durante rightly freaked out as well, saying they shouldn’t be blading in NY after the infamous Erich Kulas debacle. What Durante didn’t know is that the NY commission no longer cared what ECW did, since ECW was now in a working relationship with the WWF, and the commission was very friendly to the WWF. Regardless, Durante spoke out against it, and it turned into a heated discussion between he and New Jack.

Name-calling ensued, with the word “jobber” used. It escalated to the point Durante used the dreaded “N” word, causing New Jack to punch him twice. Apparently both blows didn’t even faze him, and soon they were rolling on the floor before being pulled apart by the other wrestlers. One witness said Durante pounded his chest, similar to his on-air gimmick, before going after New Jack, who returned with the blows mentioned previously.

Word is that nobody broke them up at first, feeling Durante would’ve put a hurting on the unpopular New Jack (Durante was considerably larger). When Paul Heyman heard the commotion and came in, it was broken up.

Durante ended up not doing his planned angle that night, having been sent home by Heyman. New Jack ended up getting an earful from Heyman, likely about conjuring up such a misguided rib that started all this in the first place. By the weekend, the two reluctantly shook hands and there were no problems when they had the next show at the ECW Arena.