Sin Cara vs Simon Gotch

Date: July 19, 2016
Location: DCU Center in Worcester, MA
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Sin Cara, played by Jorge Arias, was the brainchild of HHH in their attempt to sign Mistico and create a new Hispanic star to replace Rey Mysterio Jr. Luis Urive, who was Mistico, was the original man behind the Sin Cara mask, but has since been replaced by Jorge Arias.

Simon Gotch is one half of the Vaudevillains tag team, along with Aiden English. They were an act formed in NXT, and then brought to the main roster where the gimmick didn’t play as well as it did in NXT. Gotch is the shorter and thicker of the two.

Gotch and Cara had issues dating back some time, but it hasn’t been made public what those issues are. In addition, several in the company have noted that Gotch has a lot of heat with some in the locker room because of the belief he sometimes runs his mouth and says the wrong things. And Cara is apparently no pushover, as Konnan once noted he got the better of Shaemus in a quick skirmish backstage.

Before a SmackDown taping, Cara and Gotch were at catering, and something happened between the two of them that escalated rather quickly. Before anyone had a chance to calm them down, Cara flipped out and threw a full soda can with full force at Gotch’s face. One report said it was a punch, but it’s believed to be a soda can. Gotch went down hard and fast, and it was over that quickly.

Gotch missed the weekend house shows, but was shown on the Battleground PPV with a black eye. Cara didn’t miss any house shows and wasn’t punished for his actions.

If more information becomes available as to the details of why the two were arguing, we’ll post them as soon as we get them.