Dana White F-Bombs Iran

LAS VEGAS, NV – Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White dropped several F-bombs on Iran today, making the first bold move after tensions between the two sides had risen dramatically in recent weeks.

“F*ck Iran,” said White at a UFC press conference held at Mandalay Bay with Lorenzo Fertitta.

“F*ck Iran, f*ck Ahmadinejad, and f*ck every Iranian who ever said a bad word about the United States or UFC. F*ck them all.”

All five of White’s F-bombs were dropped suddenly, leaving the leadership of Iran scrambling to regroup. There have been no retaliations yet, though experts predict they could come at any time.

White’s F-bombs come on the heels of tense talks with Iran that had remained peaceful until now. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly advocated diplomacy first, but White’s F-bomb attack changed the dynamic on an international scale, leaving all sides unsure of what to do next.

Does this mean there is hope between White and Iran? Those close to the situation have differing views.

“White is no stranger to the Arab world,” said an analyst with Spike TV.

“UFC just ran their first show in Abu Dhabi, and it was a big success. They are business partners with people from that country. While Abu Dhabi is certainly not Iran, the region has still been favorable to UFC. White is known to drop F-Bombs all over the place, so it’s not really anything new.”

Mike Coughlin, an industry expert with Figure 4 Weekly radio, sees things differently, however.

“Dana’s F-Bombs are serious, and it’s not just women and children who feel their affects,” he said.

“Unless Iran needs Dana White more than Dana White needs Iran, then the situation likely won’t improve. Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, BJ Penn… all those men ultimately needed UFC, so the F-Bombs dissipated. But look at Fedor and his management. Dana F-Bombed those people several times in recent years, and the bad blood still runs cold.”

Making matters worse, the U.S. Military did not authorize the F-Bombs. President Obama said his administration is still reeling from Vice President Joe Biden’s recent F-Bomb over the passage of his healthcare bill.

“Everyone remembers when Biden said my healthcare bill was a ‘Big f*ckin’ deal,'” said Obama in an interview with CNN Thursday. “That F-Bomb did considerable damage to my approval ratings and to Congress in general. I take every F-Bomb seriously, and so does Iran. Before we even apologize to Iran, we need to rein in Dana White and the UFC organization first.”

Nevertheless, the repercussions are not expected to be long-lasting.

“We’ve been hit by Dana’s F-Bombs before,” said a publicist for Tito Ortiz. “It hurts your feelings for a few days, but eventually you bounce back and make a full recovery. For awhile there, Tito and Dana were dropping F-Bombs on each other all the time. When the dust settled and smoke cleared, they were at peace once again.”