Scott Steiner vs Diamond Dallas Page

Date: December 18, 2000
Location: Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, VA
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The Whole F’n Show, Armpit reader Dazraven

Scott Steiner and Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) were both key components of WCW in the dying days of the promotion. This incident occurred just three months before WCW went out of business, and demonstrated the chaos and out of control anarchy backstage at the time.

Scott, along with his brother Rick, are two of the toughest legit guys in the locker room stemming from their amateur days and inhuman physical strength. Neither was really known for major backstage fights, because most were smart enough to never test them. Scott was always tough, but later when his physique changed radically in the late 90s (his physique was always freaky, but it got even freakier) and he adopted the Big Poppa Pump persona, he became an extremely scary individual.

DDP’s wife, the beautiful Kimberly Page, found an illegal substance in the WCW locker room around this time. She told management it belonged to Tammy Sytch (aka Sunny in the WWF), and when they confronted Sytch about it, she denied it and offered to take a urine test. She passed the test, and something occurred where Steiner got wind of this and chased Kimberly out of the building. It’s not known how or why Steiner was connected to the situation, or the details regarding his chasing Kimberly. What is known is that it caused heat between Page and Steiner.

Soon after, on Monday Nitro, Steiner asked to tweak his promo segment and asked to go on first. On live TV, he cut a very real promo on DDP, saying he didn’t have the balls to fight him and needed a sex change operation. Backstage, everyone in the dressing room watching on the monitor looked at Page. He got up, said enough was enough, and stormed downstairs to wait for Steiner to return.

When Steiner came back, the two had words. Page claimed he said, “I’m a pussy, huh? F*ck you!” Steiner said “F*ck you” back, and it’s believed Page either sucker punched him at that point, or just punched him outright. Either way, Steiner buried his head into page’s chest and did a bearhug suplex move that landed the two about eight yards from where they were originally standing. Page claimed to have gotten Steiner in a front face lock, and seemed surprised at himself that he was able to apply it and described it as a surreal moment.

Page said he then let go of the hold “like an idiot” and punched him with his left hand, which he described like hitting his hand into a rock. He hurt his hand, and at that point four guys pulled Steiner off to separate them. Steiner reared his head back and shouted “Get the f*ck off of me!” which caused Page to think how scary this man was. Page went for a kick, but Steiner took him down with a double-leg and put a real hurting on Page for almost a minute. Page said he was in the fetal position to protect himself, during which he eventually felt Scott going after his eye. Wrestlers have always been taught to go after the eye in a street fight situation. Another witness described it as a scary scene with Steiner having a death like grip on him.

Page said he then bit Steiner’s hand, which, along with the guys trying to pull Steiner off him, finally allowed them to break apart. They both came up swinging and swearing, with Page’s face all cut up and bleeding with a stretch mark all around his eye, and a bloody face that was puffed up. Steiner had some swelling above his eye from the initial punch, and also injured his ankle, but was able to do another promo and angle at the end of the show.

DDP left the scene, leaving the wrestlers shocked at what happened. Kevin Nash, who is friends with both guys, told Page this was bullsh*t and that they should get out of here. Page said No, as the boys would think he’s a pussy. Nash said, “Pussy? You stood up to Steiner; they think you’re a demigod!” Page replied, “Really?” They then saw Johnny “Ace” Laurinaitis (working behind the scenes at the time), told him they’re leaving, and Ace agreed that yeah, they should go.

Since Page has been honest about coming out on the losing end, most versions of the story are pretty consistent. Most believed that Steiner should’ve been punished for ad libbing his promo against the original plan, and also for letting the fight get so out of control. Most also believed that Page should’ve been disciplined for clearly starting the fight and throwing the first punch. Neither man got in trouble, however, which showed the chaos of WCW back then. A few months later, WWF purchased WCW, and Steiner’s contract wasn’t picked up. They did eventually bring Page to WWE, but he didn’t last long after Undertaker complained that he couldn’t work (even though Page had many great matches in WCW).