Jamie Noble vs Civilian

Jamie Noble was a talented pro wrestler, peaking in the early ‘00s when Paul Heyman was booking SmackDown and did some creative things with him and his manager Nidia (from Tough Enough). He later had a good run in ROH, and in recent years has been both an agent (called “Producer”) for WWE as well as an on-air talent with Joey Mercury and their involvement with Seth Rollins and The Authority.

Fight: Jamie Noble vs Civilian

Date: September 28, 2016
Location: Princeton, WV
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

On the same week Alberto Del Rio was stabbed in San Antonio, Noble was stabbed outside his home in Princeton, WV. Noble had just made a long drive home from Cleveland, and left briefly to get a snack while his girlfriend took a shower. When he came home, a car followed him and the driver came out and accused him of cutting him off the road. The incident again is similar to what happened with Del Rio.

Noble, exhausted after a long night of driving, apologized to the man. But he wasn’t satisfied, so he kept arguing and threw a punch. When he went for the second punch, Noble took him down and was wailing on him before two other men jumped out of the car. Noble, who is very small for a wrestler but still considered relatively tough, fought with them.  But then one of them stabbed Noble in the back, puncturing his lung and causing it to swell with blood. Noble’s girlfriend heard the commotion and came out, at which point the men sped off.

Noble was taken to the ER and required immediate surgery. During his recovery, he has gone on social media and asked for help in identifying the men who attacked him:

“I was viciously attacked in my front yard. One coward got out of the car saying I pushed him off the road. I immediately apologized because I was on the road all week and just that night alone I got off work Tuesday night and drove from Cleveland to Princeton, so I could have been tired and drifted over the yellow line. Nonetheless, I apologized and he could have called the cops.

But no, that’s not what happened. I pulled in to my house and the car rolled up on me. One guy was talking and getting out of the car at the same time as I said, `Sh*t, dude, if I cut you off, I’m sorry.’ At that point the first punch was thrown. It hit me. The guy got cocky and talked shit like a punk. He tried a second shot and ended up on his head and me on top of him pounding the shit out of this troublemaker.

At this point, his two pussy friends that I didn’t see, jump out of the car and start in on me. I refuse to quit. One pulls out a knife, like three-on-one wasn’t enough. In the middle of this madness, one coward pulls a knife stabbing me, once through the back, the middle, near the spine. The blade went between
my ribs and hit my lung.

I still tried to fight back and then they tried to cut my throat. I was able to get them to miss the throat and (it) ripped my shoulder open. My girl busted out of the house, saving me from any more damage.

I ended up in Princeton but my lung is filling up with blood and they need to Medivac me to a big hospital. The weather was rough so I had to ride (in) the ambulance, the whole time bleeding out on the inside. (I) Felt like I was having a heart (attack). (I) got to Roanoke, VA, went straight to surgery.

That was rough. Then I spent four days trying to get my lung working again. (I was) walking around with tube in my chest. Good news is I’m getting a little better every day and I will be back on my feet 100% soon.

I need help from my FB family I need you to share this with everyone you can. Somebody knows something, or heard something, saw something that can help me get these criminals because the law isn’t going to. Please ask, listen, anything that can help me just get one name. Just one. This could have been my 63 year old dad or my 16 year old boy. Can you even imagine that???? I can’t.

I’ll also pay $200.00 for a name and if it turns out legit I’ll give you another $500.00 cash. Please share this with ever friends you have and me get a name. You can private message me the name or a number and meeting spot. We have to get these boy-man. Their leader went down like a 14 year old girl so they’re not much. Please help me.