Haku vs Jimmy Jack Funk

Date: June 1987
Location: unknown
Source: WrestleZone, Armpit reader Jongregben

Haku has a reputation as the toughest pro wrestler who ever lived. If you ask almost anyone from the 80s or 90s wrestling scene, most will tell you Haku was notorious as someone you simply do not mess with. Even legit tough guys like the Steiners and Barbarian have said Haku was the true king. Andre the Giant once told Bobby Heenan that the only two men he feared were Haku and Harley Race. Arn Anderson called Haku the human vegomatic. Heenan called him the scariest human being he’s ever known.

While there are lots of stories about Haku, this incident with Jimmy Jack Funk is what gave him the reputation as someone who will stop at nothing to win a fight. Details of this brawl are in Dynamite Kid’s book, which we’ve not read, but apparently Funk was saying disparaging things about women, and Haku went nuts on him. The story for years was that Haku took out his eye, but Haku later denied this. He said he was ready to take his eye out, but then realized how stupid that was and never actually did it. Funk was fired for the brawl and Haku later felt bad about it. Haku called it something that happened at that moment.

After hearing of some of Haku’s later out of the ring brawls, in hindsight Funk is lucky to have both his eyeballs. Some would say he’s lucky to be alive.